Don Ronald


Don Roland plays lead guitar for The Inciters, an 11-piece Northern Soul band based in Santa Cruz, CA. They’ve brought the house down from LA to Chicago and all across Europe, releasing 3 albums on Grover/Elmo Records in Germany and “ Doing Fine” which was recorded in Chicago and released by Jump Up Records in 2000. The band’s newest album, “Soul Clap” was released in 2012 on Jump Up Records. The latest album won rave reviews from Vintage Guitar Magazine, No Depression Magazine, Heavy Soul Magazine, and more. Don currently has around forty guitars in his collection, but his Surf Green Jimson from Scott Walker Guitars is his instrument of choice. “Each note articulates so well and there are so many tonal variations available to me that I can play the Jimson for three sets a night as opposed to juggling multiple guitars. This guitar is beautiful to look at, but more importantly it’s comfortable to play and sounds fantastic.”



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