Electric Mandolin Journey with Michael Kang and Jack Rajca

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Ok!! So the last couple months have been incredible busy and exciting. A new Journey has begun and will do my best to keep anyone who is interested, informed and entertained by this process.  I have the pleasure to be working with a couple amazing and talented artist, Michael Kang of The String Cheese Incident and Jack Rajca of Fishbone Graphics, building and furthering the electric baritone mandolin.

This story began about 20 years ago, and needs a little back treading….

I was living in Moab Utah and I remember going to  see The String Cheese Incident at a little bar there. Having been blown away by the music and vibes I was instantly a fan. The band was incredible. I specifically remember hearing the lead mandolin player and was  blown away by his huge tone and stylistic riffs.  Also during that time I met a graphics artist who had a retail spot in town and was selling his designs and prints. I immediately identified with his art and style.  Many of you have been wearing his prints and images, and will recognize these classics.

JAck-Furhter-199x300 JAck-Dead-196x300

Fast forward 20 years….

I get a phone call from Jack, the artist from Fishbone Graphics, hes interested in the possibility of a new project, an electric baritone mandolin. I knew that name from somewhere but didnt put it together, after a couple emails it hit me. !! It was the same artist that really impacted me back in the day. Some of my favorite images were created by Jack, and immediately knew I wanted to collaborate with him.

He mentioned that he had a couple of these baritones built and also was friends with Michael Kang of The String Cheese Incident, and that we should get him in on the project, since he is the master of this instrument.  So Jack sent me one of his Mandos and put Michael and I in touch. Over the next few weeks, Michael and I met and went over the instruments and talked about designs and possibilities. Jack and Michael were both drawn to my “Special” design and so we decided to start with that as a basic design.

Heres a few photos from around the shop and showing the design process.

Mando1-copy MandoDiamonds-copy



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6 Comments on “Electric Mandolin Journey with Michael Kang and Jack Rajca”

  1. Jason Chinchen

    Super cool! be watching the progress. Being a luthier and an electric mandolin player with plans of building a Baritone soon, this is going to be fun!


  2. Rob Jones

    Jack has shared this undertaking with me out in Colorado, and I must say, bad ass!!! He turned me on to you and your site a few weeks back via your lap steel project. I play guitar and Lap Steel among other things. Your work is amazing, I hope one day to meet you and play one of your fine creations. Meanwhile, I’ll be tuned in and spreading the word about you and your craft. Thanks for the inspiration, and I’m way excited to see this electric mando set the standard for what is….peace

    Rob Jones
    Montrose, CO

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