I spent 5 years setting neck and fitting dovetails while working at The Santa Cruz Guitar Company. This is where and when the idea of incorporating a Japanese style neck joint came to me. And 10 years later it has come to reality.

In the new Katana model there is also a few other ideas implemented.

  • One piece solid body
  • One piece neck
  • No truss rod
  • No glue or screws
  • No cavities
  • Simple electronics

This guitar is about as bare bones as it comes. The idea of the body and neck interacting together and the reaction between them are really highlighted here. Using old air dried woods, quarter sawn and stable really provides a strong resonant musical platform you won’t see or hear in any other guitar.

The arch top style bridge matches with the neck angle and geometry of the guitar, given the player plenty of real-estate to really dig in to the strings. This really gives the player an unconscious freedom and expression with the right hand.

The Damascus steel tailpiece and pick guard give it a solid, “tuning fork” musical quality that really is unique to this guitar.

Other specs:

  • 24 3/4 scale length
  • 1 11/16″ nut width
  • Lollar “Johnny Smith” neck mount pickup

Click here to follow the link to the blog, with close up pictures and video of the neck joint