The 5 String Mandolin

This instrument came about through working directly with Michael Kang of String Cheese Incident. He is know as one of the leaders of the Octave Electric Mandolin. Over the years he has had several made for him by other luthiers and has discovered what makes this unique instrument tick. So we went to work with dissecting these instruments, going over angles and dimensions and getting a blueprint together. The work paid off and we have launched and incredibly musical little powerhouse. There are a few options that come standard with this, like MIDI, Piezo, offset humuckers (which give the ability to use standard guitar pickups) or Blade style pickups. Instruments with active electronics can choose to have the battery access on the front with carving bellow the oval Battery cover.

  • 18 1/2″ scale
  • Choice of top wood
  • Choice of back wood
  • Choice of neck material
  • Custom electronics