Hardware machined in House – Dream to Reality Part 2

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 Things here at the shop have taken a major evolution this last year, and I’d like to explain a little about the new hardware.

Over the years, building custom unique guitars has unveiled many different opportunities and creative challenges. This year the focus has been hardware. Making it in house has been challenging but I couldn’t be happier with the way things have turned out. Countless hours have been spent making prototypes and designs, getting things just right.  Id like to list the features of each piece here as a reference for people interested my guitars.

Options are polished Aluminum (6061) or polished Brass (360). These are lightly sealed to slow down oxidation, and allow a natural patina to burnish in.

At this time these pieces will only be available on Scott Walker Guitars.  Models include The Special, The Santa Cruz and The Attrezzo.

The Bridge 

This a a modern version of the classic “Harmonica” bridge. With custom Posts.

  • Perpendicular alignment
  • Full intonation travel
  • Zinc plated Steel saddles
  • Set screw to lock onto posts
  • “Cam” style pivoting posts for minor side to side adjustments
  • 2 1/16″ String spacing

The Tailpiece

This top loading tailpiece makes for quick and easy string changes. It also allows for a straight string pull, with no kinks in the string for clean energy transfer. With custom posts.

  • Top loading
  • Set screw that lock onto posts

The Pickup Rings

  • Angles are machined to float pickups parallel to strings

The Knobs

  •  Matching decorative top
  • Set screw to lock onto posts
  • Machined for split or solid shaft

The Jack Plate

  • Matching decorative
  • Single or double jack

The Strap Buttons

  • Matching decorative top
  • Oversized for secure fit

The Switch tips

  • Matching decorative top
  • “LP” syle or Blade style
  • Blade style has Set screw for locking

The Truss Rod Cover

  • Matching decorative top
  • Built to last


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